USS Hanson
USS Hanson 832
Ship Logs

USS Hanson Deployments
  • 1945
    As told by Robert M. Coquillette
    I was assigned from Norfolk as a part of the commissioning crew and came to Boston and the ship about the first of April 1945. After the commissioning, John Calhoun Parham, USN, commanding, we had the usual sea...
  • 1956
    Cruise Log Courtesy of Louis DeLancey
    This log contains 18 ports (name of port, date of arrival, date of departure)
  • 1957
    Cruise Log courtesy of Louis DeLancey
    This log contains 28 ports (name of port, date of arrival, date of departure)
  • 1963
    As told by Allen Norby
    The Following Information is from the 1963 Cruise of the USS Hanson DD 832. Using what memory I have left, (and it's fading quickly) I have attempted to put together some of the high points of the 1963 cruise for the Hanson history page.
  • 1965
    1) Information from the 1965 Cruise book of the USS Hanson DD832.
    Commanding Officer CDR Ardwin G. Franch
    October 64.
    Courtesy of William Riley
    2) Excerpt from the ALL HANDS publication number 584 dated September 1965.
  • 1966
    Contributed by Larry Aycock
    The following log contains "Curtain's Letter", "UPI Report", "Hanson Report", and "170 Rounds".
  • 1968
    Cruise Log courtesy of Don Bryant, Brandon, MS
    The Following Information is From the 1968 Cruise Book of the USS Hanson DD 832.
    Editor, Ens. R.F. Schlegel, Jr. USN
  • 1970
    Contributed by Joe Colombo, 25 Jan 1999
    Sir, I was attached to the Hanson 1970 - 1971 My name is Joseph M. Colombo, I was a DK2 when...
  • 1970
    Contributed by Keith Wesley Blalock, 25 Aug 2022
    The deck log date range is from January 2, 1970 thru January 18, 1970. The deck logs indicates the Hanson...
  • 1972
    Contributed by Marty Sullivan
    The 1972 Westpac deployment (her seventh to Westpac) was the high point of her distinguished career. In April 1972, Hanson departed San Diego with only three days notice upon news of the second Tet offensive...